Our History

Andres and Alyvar Villamagua – The Hill’s co-owners – have a lot to be thankful to their grandmothers for. Without Esther and Yolanda, the brothers from Ecuador would certainly not be the proud hosts of this popular Greenwich restaurant.

Growing up in Loja, the cultural capital of Ecuador, the boys’ love of food and cooking was fired by their grans as they prepared delicious family meals. Add a sprinkling of passion from their father – one of the country’s most celebrated artists – and you have a recipe for culinary success. Andres says: “Alyvar and I got our love of cooking from our grandmothers. “It was always lovely to be around their kitchens because they adored what they did, and had a joy in preparing meals for others to enjoy.

“We feel exactly the same way now! Great quality ingredients, the freshest and the best, cooked with passion, it’s the way they worked then, and the way we work now. “It’s what The Hill is all about.”

The brothers have owned the restaurant on Royal Hill in leafy Greenwich for over ten years. During that time they have turned it into the No1-rated Greenwich restaurant, according to reviews on travel website TripAdvisor

Andres said: “We want to give our customers the best experience we can – the best food, the best service, the best atmosphere. “It’s why Alyvar and I can be found in the kitchen and also front of house, making sure everyone is having a good time. “Over the years, our customers have become friends. Often when we’re in the kitchen, we can tell who has come in because of the familiarity of their order!”